Auto Recruiting Platform

How just talking to a few of my Internet Marketing friends made

me a $300/month residual income in less than a week.


ARP Is A Machine Created To Generate Sales For You!

Problem: You continue to struggle while the make-money-online leaders remain on top.

Why: If you promote an opportunity such as Herbalife, Amway, Empower Network, etc., and you’re spending money on advertising, the ugly truth is that some of your prospects/leads will just Google the top leaders and join under them.

Solution: ARP is the only platform that has a “you keep what you capture” policy. As soon as someone verifies their mobile number, they could go research the opportunity all they like, but if they join, you will get the credit.

Problem: You spend money on advertising and are generating a lot of email leads, but no one is opening your emails.

Why: People are bombarded with so many emails these days from other marketers, they might as well be searching for a needle in a haystack.

Solution: ARP is the only platform that lets you follow-up with your prospects/leads through cell/mobile text chat so  95% of your prospects/leads will see your messages right away instead of 7%, which is a typical email open rate.

Problem: You’ve bought lots of traffic/advertising, but don’t get any sales.

Why: The short answer is that most traffic sources come from vendors who have squeezed all the profitable buyers out already, leaving you with freebie seekers, people who’ve already seen your offer, or people who are not interested in your offer at all. Dirty traffic stops you from making a positive return on your investment.

Solution: ARP offers the highest converting traffic. Period. They also provide statistics/metrics for their traffic. Currently their tests are showing that a $100 ad spend generates 20-25 verified phone leads, 4 paid survey applications, and 1 sale which equates to $100/mo in income for you.

Note: ARP is currently in beta mode right now, which means that the entire system isn’t complete and traffic hasn’t been turned on yet. However, joining during the beta stage means that there are no recurring monthly fees until the system is 100% operational and traffic is available for purchase. People who join during the beta stage are considered founders. Please fill out the $4.95 app first to see the bonuses of becoming a founder.

Problem: You’re pulling your hair out trying to brand yourself as a leader, which is what all the top leaders keep saying to do. You are struggling with getting traffic to your website/blog, trying to setup your autoresponder, landing page, and/or video hosting, and tying in a tracking system so you know where your visitors/traffic is coming from.

Solution: You don’t need to brand yourself as a leader and you don’t need to worry about being found in Google! That’s not why people go online to make money in the first place. Instead, you can purchase ARP traffic packs when they become available, without relying on the need to test your own advertising sources before you go broke trying to find the winning combination.

All your mobile/cell leads are stored in the ARP system, so there is no need to integrate an autoresponder, and ARP hosts all your landing pages, so you do not need to have your own webhosting service. Furthermore, ARP includes both a video hosting service, which will ensure any videos you may wish to post online, stay online, and a built-in tracking system, so you know whether someone visited your site from your Facebook proile or your fanpage (if you decide to use Facebook at all).


What Is Auto Recruiting Platform?

What Is ARP

ARP is a complete marketing control station that is designed to generate sales. Not only does it house all of the services that an online business requires to be successful, it also solves the problem of recruiting people into your business opportunity and if you aren’t already in an opportunity, you can become a reseller of the platform.

Since the system is currently in beta mode, only the ARP sales funnel exists right now, however 15 funnels are on the way, including Empower Network, Ripplin, Wake Up Now, and others. Each funnel will be designed to capture verified cell/mobile phone opt-in leads, which are much more powerful than email opt-ins.

Auto Recruiting Platform is the name of the sales funnel for the underlying platform, called Quicklister. However, the two names are more or less synonymous with each other. All ARP funnels, including the ones for other business opportunities, will also feature a paid application portion which will help you determine the buyers from the tire kickers and allow you to communicate with people who are serious about your offer. If you have ever used an autoresponder, you know how aggravating it can be spending time answering questions for people who are broke.

Pending the official launch of the service, everything you need to run your own online business is included in ARP, with no upsells required to access full functionality of the system.

You can become a reseller of ARP right now and if you are involved in any of the major network marketing opportunities, you will be able to promote them using ARP funnels that are customized for those exact opportunities as soon as the product has officially launched. Again, the rebill will not go into effect until the custom traffic has been turned on and the system is complete.



Even though you’ve watched at least part of the ARP presentation already, you will likely be interested in doing some research on your own. Below are some excellent resources.

If at anytime you wish to continue or start the ARP presentation, please go to: and either click on “Returning Visitors” or enter your name and phone number to get your pin. If you need to retrieve your pin, click the link and re-enter your name and mobile number,

** Live ARP Q&A Calls **

By far, one of the best resources are the live Q&A calls that Don Glanville, the creator, hosts. These calls are incredibly insightful and devoid of any sales hype whatsoever. You are free to ask him any and all questions about how ARP can benefit you. The calls last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
10pm Eastern Standard Time (7pm Pacific Standard Time)
(check other time zones here)

(712) 432-0990
Pin: 133566#


Pin: 133566#


Browser Based Access

  • Click on the icon that says “Call Using Our Flash Phone”
  • Click where it says “Click here to launch the flash phone application.”
  • Select the (712) 432-0900 phone number from the drop down
  • Enter our 133566 PIN number
  • Type in your name
  • Click “Place Call”

** Previously Recorded Q&A Calls **

Recorded Calls

Many of the Q&A calls have been recorded and are posted at, however the best of the best are listed below.

** ARP Google Hangouts **


The TrafficPros Hangout
Watch Here Now

Unofficial ARP Hangouts
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** Unofficial ARP Facebook Group **

FB Group

Join the Facebook group (click on “Join” if you aren’t already a member) to ask existing ARP members your questions or be a “fly on the wall” and just read the posts.


** Contact Information **

As your potential sponsor, I am very serious about ensuring you get the information you need to be successful.
I work hard for my team and usually respond back to all emails within 24 hours.

If you already have signed up for the application, you can contact me directly by texting the number that has been messaging you.

If you haven’t already done so, please make sure you at least complete the $4.95 application first.
Doing so indicates that you are serious about running your online business.

You can do so here:

Thank you and I hope to hear from you.


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